A Hawaiian Sailing Canoe

Waipa Beach, Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

Lo’ihi translates into ‘long’, as in a ‘long’ voyage. It is also the name of the underwater seamount located 25 miles south of the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano that will become Hawaii’s newest island in approximately 35,000 years. It also happens to be Stephen’s last name.

Holopuni English translation is ‘to sail everywhere’, and that is precisely what we do in our sailing canoes.

One of the distinguishing features of a Hawaiian Sailing Canoe is the absence of a fixed rudder, which allows us to paddle over the coral reefs and onto the beach with a mere 9” draft. This facilitates fishing & gathering activities, creates an ease of navigation and is overwhelmingly Fun !!! With three main hull seats we can paddle and/or sail to our destination. We compete with a crew of three…with Stephen steering, a main sheet person on the windward trampoline and a third paddling 58 strokes per minute in seat number two the entire  race.

During the Winter we sail with Humpback whales and surf world class waves that arrive on the North Shore of Kauai from the Northern Pacific. The Summer months find us trolling for pelagic fish miles off-shore, racing our canoes cross-channel up the Hawaiian Island Chain, taking summer school children for an ocean adventure and viewing the sunset with friends and family.

Stephen has been designing and racing Hawaiian Sailing Canoes for the past 17 years and has participated in the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association’s annual schedule of events for 15 years. He has raced this particular three man Ocean Sailing Canoe  cross-channel, from The Big Island to Kauai.

Stephen is a nationally recognized architect, with 35 years of experience. He collaborated on the design of Lo’ihi with Alan Faye, the grandson of the original Waimea Sugar Plantation Owner, in Waimea, Kauai. Alan retired as a chief aeronautical engineer at NASA, after 25 years of service.


Stephen Long

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