Giving Back

Stephen is blessed to keep his Holopuni, Lo’ihi, at The Waipa Foundation Beach on Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii. Every summer he and the other members of the Hanalei Sailing Canoe Association take the Kauai and Kamehameha School Hawaiiana Summer Program students sailing. This past summer we had two independently verified Mermaid sightings from the 5-6 year old girls on board.

The Hanalei Sailing Canoe Association also participates in the Waipa Mango and Kalo Festivals, taking the public on Hawaiian Sailing Canoe rides to educate both Kama’aina locals and visitors alike

Stephen is also a commissioner on the Kauai Historic Preservation Commission and architectural consultant to the Hanalei School Parents Group.


Stephen Long

PO Box 223459

Princeville, Hawaii 96722