Innovative Design Features

Innovative design features include (1) a carbon fiber hull & self-furling carbon mast, (2) radially cut main sail with full length vertical battons, self-furling jib and self-furling rainbow asymmetrical genniker, (3) imbedded titanium straps in main hull and two carbon iako caps with ¾” resilient rubber pads at the top & bottom to secure the iako (laminated wood support for amas (outriggers) to the main hull, (4) a second dagger board aft of the steering seat to balance the weather helm, (5) all lines run back to seat number three and can be operable by the steersman, (6) reverse shear bows on the traditionally shaped amas were designed using the Americas Cup catamaran technology to create increased buoyancy and ‘slice’ through the waves.

These modern cutting edge technologies and design are supported by traditional cord lashing as the primary method of keeping the canoe together. The main hull and amas have been drafted from historical sailing canoes with ‘rocker’ and traditionally shaped bow and stern manus.


Stephen Long

PO Box 223459

Princeville, Hawaii 96722